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End user software license Agreement

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Best Legal Consultant for End user software license Agreement in Jaipur

Best Legal Consultant for End user software license Agreement in Jaipur 

This document covers the entire aspect of protection of the software from being misused by the buyer and to understand that the user license is for limited purposes and any infringement of the licensing terms may land the buyer in trouble. If you are selling the software online through the Internet, you only have to design your ordering system in such a way that the buyer has to check a prior confirmation that he has read these terms and conditions. If you are selling the software on a tangible media, get the buyer to read and sign these terms on a paper while duly identifying the customer.


Who will use this End user software license agreement?

Any person or business involved in selling software through the Internet online or otherwise.


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Key features of End user software license agreement:

  • Comprehensive e-commerce document to address (almost) all eventualities.

  • Standard set of non-negotiable “terms and conditions”.

  • User friendly, drawn in plain English with no complexities.

  • Complete framework to protect your business from litigation and engage in one where the infringement is despite such agreement.


This End user software license agreement includes provisions for:

  • Definitions of all important terms.

  • Software license.

  • Updates.

  • Limitation of liability.

  • Governing law.

  • intellectual property rights.

  • appropriate warranties, exclusions, indemnities, etc.

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