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Franchise Agreement

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Franchising a business – even in the services segment – is today considered as one of the best methods to enhance the reach and spread of a brand leading to increased sales and revenues;


When engaging a Company, firm or business entity to act as Franchisee for representing your business, exclusively or non-exclusively, this document template comes handy to define the relationship, terms and conditions for its continuance thus objectively satisfying the purpose and reasons, for the parties concerned.


The franchise agreement is drawn in general terms without specific reference to any particular business and is suitable for services segment;


The intention and purpose is to make the Franchise Agreement Suitable to cover International transactions, however, it can also be used for domestic version of a similar arrangement;


Who will use the Franchise Agreement?

  • Any business in the service providing industry arranging terms with a franchisee in the foreign / domestic market to enhance sales and to build brand image etc.

  • Any firm, company or business entity capable of providing such and similar services to clients/customers of a foreign/local company or business for a defined territory through franchise arrangement;

  • A short list of the service providing businesses that can be defined in the context is Boutiques; Beauty Saloons, Health Centers and Gymnasiums, Money transfer services, Computer Schools and Training Centers, Play Homes, Crèches, Day Boarding, Baby Sitting, Montessori, Tutorials, Entrance Test Exams, Admission Tests, Educational Institutions, Fashion institutes, Hobby Classes, Taxi and Tour operators; Translators and Interpreters, Advisory Services – Investment and Property; Clubs and Resorts etc. and many other similar businesses in the service providing segment;

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Key features of Franchise Agreement :

  • suitable for foreign/domestic market;

  • ready for adaptation to particular needs of either or both parties;

  • comprehensive provisions provide ideas;

  • real law in simple English;

  • compliance with the provisions of Company law;

  • Detailed explanatory notes help in proper execution and implementation;


This document includes provision for Franchise Agreement:

  • Training, development and information;

  • Territory; review and audit rights; reporting;

  • Franchisor’s royalty, fees, charges and payment terms;

  • Duration and termination; customer information and minimum sales requirements;

  • representation and warranties of the parties;

  • Copyrights, trademarks and patents; Force Majeure

  •  Appropriate legal provisions - warranties, exclusions, indemnities, etc.

  • Miscellaneous provisions and restrictive covenants;

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