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Beer bar license registration  process is one of the important license procedures. Every state has its own rules of Beer Bar Licence Registration. Rajasthan has different rules and regulations for getting the Beer Bar License. Rajasthan is a land kings. This state plays an important role in tourism that's why the state government made some rules and regulations for getting the licence for beer bar shops and hotel bars. This licence is a certificate or a legal document that certifies a particular person to run a beer bar shop or hotel bar. Rajasthan excessive act deals with the procedure and fines of Beer bar License registration process in Rajasthan. This act includes the rules related to  the import, manufacture, distribution and sale of liquor which includes spirits, Liquor, Tari, Pachawar, Beer, IMF and all liquid consisting of alcohol. Beer includes ale, stout, porter and all other fermented Liquors made from malt.

Beer Bar License Registration Application Form in Jaipur & Rajasthan

There are following modes of bars in bars. business.

  1. Lounge

  2. Tapas bar

  3. Pub

  4. Sports bar

  5. Night Clubs

  6. Concept bar etc

For each type of bar you have to obtain a license.For obtaining the beer bar license in Rajasthan applicant has to follow these following steps.

  1. The person desirous to start a bar in Rajasthan need to submit an application form in prescribed format to the District Excise Officer in whose jurisdiction the bar is proposed to be operated before for the issue of bar license.

  2. The District Excise Officer concerned will initial the application noting the date of receipt and cause of application to be entered in a register in a prescribed format. The DEO will notify the applicant about the application

  3. If the District Excise Officer accepts the application, the applicant needs to make the payment within fifteen days from the date of notification.

  4. The initial fee and process fee will have to be deposited in the Rajasthan State treasury, and a   challan copy supplied by the Treasury needs to be enclosed with the application.

  5. On receipt of the application, the document verification and site inspection will be conducted by a team of officers of Rajasthan State Excise Department appointed by the District. The team will inspect the location of the premises where the foreign liquor will be stored and the counters where it will be sold.

  6. The District Excise Officer will forward the application along with his/her recommendation to the Excise Commissioner.

  7. The Excise Commissioner will again verify the documents and recommendations furnished by the DEO. On receipt of satisfactory, a Rajasthan bar license may be issued.

  8. Rajasthan drug license can be obtained from the concerned Exercise department office. Provide application number and get your Rajasthan drug license.

Bar Licence Fees in Rajasthan

According to the Rajasthan excise act, 1973, beer licenses are classified in three categories.

  1.  Restaurant bar license

  2. Club bar license

  3. Hotel bar license

For applying for a Hotel bar/club bar/Restaurant bar License, the applicant has to pay the initial license amount as prescribed. 

  1. Restaurant bar license fees

Restaurants.                            Fees (in lakh)

1.restaurants                                     4 

2. Mt. Abu and Jaisalmer         3.25

3.Other District Headquarters           2.50

4 Other Municipalities and Bhiwadi      2

5. Other places                             1

  1. Hotel Bar License

Luxury Hotel / Train
  1. Five Star Hotel           15

  2. Four Star Hotel           10

  3. Three Star Hotel             8

  4. Luxury Train.                8

Heritage Hotel
  1. Category A                       8

  2. Category B                       5

  3. Category C                       3

Other Hotel

1 Jaipur and Jodhpur.                     7.5

2. Mt. Abu and Jaisalmer.                6.5

3.Other District Headquarters.          5.5

4. Other Municipalities and Bhiwadi    4

5. Hotels not include in clause 1 3

3.  Club Bar License

  • Civil Club Bar

    Jaipur and Jodhpur                     2

    In Other Places                   1.5

  • Commercial Club Bar

    Jaipur and Jodhpur.             6

     In other places.                            4

Hotel Bar License Fees in Rajasthan

Hotel bar licence  is a legal document that certifies a particular person to run a hotel bar. A hotel who has a hotel bar license, can sell the liquor to visitors, foreign and  domestic tourists. In Rajasthan hotels are also classified in various categories like heritage hotels, Bangalos etc. Hoteles are regulated by the Department of Tourism and Hotel Corporation of the Rajasthan Government and the Government of India. Hotel with at least twenty bedrooms which is adjudged to be of an at least two-star hotel by the Tourism Department will also need to get a bar license. Any hotel which needs to start a bar also, a bar licence is necessary. If you are going to start a bar in a hotel, you will obtain a license only on the hotel's name.

There is the minimum requirement for license registration.

  1. Minimum Annual Turnover of Restaurant Bar should be Rs 10 Lac Taxable & Turnover Income Rs 5 Lac

  2. Restaurant Bar should have A.C.  Facility.

  3. There should be a  space of 800 sq. feet and should have a capacity of around 40 people to sit.

  4. There should be Proper Toilet Facility available for Man and Woman.

  5. Restaurant Bar will sell only Beer

  6. Restaurant Bar will not sell Beer/Wine/Ready to Drink to under 18 people.

Beer Bar Licence Online Application in Rajasthan

Any applicant who wants to apply in online mode, can go through the procedure on the official website of Rajasthan State Excessive Department of govt of Rajasthan.

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