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Best Consultant for CPWD Licence Registration in Jaipur, Rajasthan 

The central public work department plays an important role in the executive field. It is the central government authority to build the public building under the ministry of Urban Department of India. CPWD provides the facility of contractors who complete the work under their responsibility. Any person(indian),  private limited  company, partnership or limited liability partnership company can enroll as a contractor in CPWD. Classes for CPWD are divided into 9 parts. Class V, Class IV, Class III, Class II, Class I, Class 1A, Class 1AA, Class 1AAA, and Class 1 Super.Every class has their own tender Limit. Every applicant of CPWD Licence  registration should know that this registration is valid for only 5 years.

These  are the  three executive field of CPWD

  1. Buildings and Roads (B&R)-

Building work means construction of a residential or non-residential structure consisting of foundation, walls, floors, roofs, and finishing, civil and electrical services, awarded under a single contract.  Building work includes any one or more of the following works: construction of basement, multilevel vehicular parking, sports facilities, railway or metro station, airport terminal building, repair and maintenance, additions, alterations, renovations, up-gradations, electrical installations, electrical and 

mechanical services of buildings.

  1. Infrastructure 

Infrastructure work means any one or more of the following works: construction of road (including re-carpeting and road maintenance), flyover, elevated road or rail corridor, bridge including road over bridge or 

foot over bridge, approaches of bridge or flyover, box or pipe culvert, subway, underpass, tunnel, runway, sky-walk or river training work.

  1. Horticulture

Horticulture works means any one or more of the following works: landscaping, plantation or transplantation of trees, grassing, nursery work, or maintenance of trees and lawns.

List of Documents necessary for CPWD Licence Registration in Rajasthan

There are the following documents which are necessary to attach at the time of application submission for CPWD Licence registration.

  1. Proof of date of  commencement of business.

  2. Pan card,aadhar card, photo of directors/partners.

  3. 3 work order which has high value (but should not less than 7 years old than now) 

  4. Board resolution and authorisation letter as may be

  5. CA certificate

  6. GST certificate

  7. Affidavit from 1st class magistrate

  8. Annexures.

 Proprietor should have 

  1. engineer degree/ diploma 

  2. Pan card, adhar card, photo

  3. GST certificate

  4. 26 AS

  5. Affidavit from 1st class magistrate

Online procedure to CPWD register as a contractor 

Any person or company that wants to join CPWD as a contractor has to follow the following procedure for CPWD licence registration.

  1. 1. Before applying Online, please download the Annexure -I and Annexure -II forms from the download link, fill it properly and check it and then apply it Online through this system.

  2.  System will accept the Images (Photo and Signatures) of the Partners / Directors only in JPG/JPEG format. Each Image size should not exceed 80 Kilo Byte (KB).

  1. System will accept all the Supporting documents (e.g. Annexure-III, Annexure-IV) only in the PDF format. Each PDF file size should not exceed 5 Mega Byte (MB).

  1.  After entering the details in the Annexure-I and Annexure-II, press the option DRAFT, in the Annexure-II form, by which the System will generate the DRAFT report for rechecking your entries. A Unique Application Number is automatically generated by this System. You should remember your Application Number as well as your Password for further modifications as well as for taking prints of the submitted online application.

  1.  Application Number and the Password may be kept secret. Application Number must be mentioned in all your future communications to CPWD.

  1. After checking the Draft, select the option FINAL in order to finalise your application.

  2.  Before submitting the application as FINAL you can edit your application and make changes if required in Annexure-I and Annexure-II through the MODIFICATION option in the Main Menu.

  1.  Once you submit the application as FINAL no further changes are allowed.

  1.  Application will be processed only after submission of application as FINAL


Offline Procedure for CPWD Licence Registration

For all other classes and categories offline application should be fulfilled  and duly signed is to be submitted in Annexure-IA to the authority given in Rule 6.1 by Speed Post only, along with all Supporting documents in ORIGINAL or Self-attested as required.

Role of Contractor in CPWD 

Contractors have the responsibility to build the public buildings. Contractor sets the time period and money for construction of a particular building. There are the following qualities of CPWD workers

1.Project planner-

They  Determine and estimate various issues in the project such as needed materials, equipment. Practicing excellent communication between all parties involved in the construction such as client and subcontractors. They also Determine legal and regulatory requirements for permission of the project.

2. Project management- 

Constructors Manage the budget for the completion of construction activities. Main contractor is responsible for finding and hiring the right subcontractors and individuals to complete the job. They arrange and submit the bills, expenses of the project etc.

3. Legal matters-

 The contractor also deals with legal matters like building permit application, matters related to legal complaints, refund matters etc.

4. Project monitoring- 

the constructor Monitor project in terms of time schedule, safety, work quality, and other project-related details as specified in the project contract. He also Review, modify, and update the project programme dependent on latest changes and feedback.

5. Health and safety issues-

 The contractor has a duty to take health and safety measures in each and every building  according to the comfort of others . They are spreading awareness among the workers regarding health and safety measurements

Condition of cancellation of enlistment in CPWD licence registration.

The registration form may be cancelled if any applicant-


(a) fails to execute a contract or executed or executed it unsatisfactorily; or 

(b) violates any important conditions of the contract; or 

(c) fails to abide by the conditions of enlistment; or 

(d) is found to have given false particulars at the time of enlistment; or 

(e) has indulged in any type of forgery or falsification of records; or 

(f) changes constitution of the firm without the prior approval of the enlistment authority; or 

(g) changes the name of the entity without the prior approval of the enlistment authority ; or 

(h) changes permanent address/business address without intimation to the enlistment authority; or 

(i) is declared or is in the process of being declared bankrupt, insolvent, wound up, dissolved or partitioned; or 

(j) violates the labour regulations and rules; or 

(k) is involved in complaints of serious nature received from any source, which have been proved; or 

(l) defaults in settlement of tax dues like income tax, GST, etc.; or 

(m) has already been demoted for other reason(s); or 

(n) ceases to fulfill eligibility criteria based on which enlistment was done; or 

(o) is considered as not required to be in the list of CPWD contractors for any other reason considered fit by the enlistment authority; etc.

For further conditions, you can go through this link.

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