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Consumer Co-operative Society registration in Rajasthan

The main consumer society was set up in Madras, to be specific, 'The Triplicane Urban Co-employable Society Limited' in 1904 with the prime point of providing the necessities of life to its individuals and it has grown up as one of the biggest customer co-usable social orders in India. The principal buyer agreeable society named Shetkari Sahakari Sangh was set up on 23rd October 1939, by Late Tatyasaheb Mohite. With this, a buyer cooperatives development started in the locale. As on 31st March 2003, there was a sum of 301 shopper agreeable stores (CCSs) consumer co-operative society in Rajasthan locale. Shopper cooperatives are ventures claimed by customers and oversaw equitably which target satisfying the requirements and desires of their individuals. They work inside the market framework, freely of the state, as a type of common guide, situated toward administration as opposed to monetary benefit

Types of the consumer co-operative society:

  • Consumer co-operative society: claimed by buyers who purchase products or administrations from their helpful

  • Producer co-operative society: claimed by makers of wares or specialties who have united to process and market their items

  • Worker co-operative society: claimed and fairly administered by representatives who become community individuals

  • Purchase co-operative society: possessed by free organizations or districts to improve their buying power

  • Half breed(hybrid) co-operative society: A mix of center kinds, where individuals with normal intrigues rally.


Document required for consumer co-operative society registration:

1. PAN Card of the considerable number of individuals from the proposed society must be submitted alongside the application.

2. The Residence Proof of the considerable number of individuals from the general public likewise must be submitted. The accompanying can be utilized as substantial habitation evidence:

  • Bank Statement

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Service Bill

  • Driving License

  • Identification

3. Notice of Association must be readied which will contain the accompanying provisions and data:

  • The work and the goals of the general public for which it is being built up

  • The subtleties of the individuals framing the general public

  • It will contain the location of the enlisted office of the general public

4. Articles of Association likewise must be readied which will contain the accompanying data:

  • It will contain the principles for taking the participation of the general public

  • When the standards have been shaped, they can be changed however the new arrangement of rules will be marked by the President, Chairman, Vice President and the Secretary of the Society.

5. A covering letter referencing the goal or the reason for which the general public is being shaped will be added to the start of the application. It will be marked by all the establishing individuals from the general public.

6. duplicate of the confirmation of address where the enrolled office of the general public will be situated alongside a NOC from the landowner if any must be joined.

7. A rundown of the considerable number of individuals from the overseeing body must be given alongside their marks.

8. An affirmation must be given by the leader of the proposed society that he is willing and skilled to hold the said post.


Process of registered in consumer co-operative society registration in rajasthan:

  • Step 1
    The initial step is to get 10 Individuals together who are burning of shaping a general public.

  • Step 2
    A Provisional council ought to be shaped and the main advertiser ought to be chosen from among them.

  • Step 3
    The name of the general public must be chosen.

  • Step 4
    An application to be made to the Registration Authority for reservation of name and letter with that impact must be  gotten affirming the booking of the name. The name once enlisted is substantial for a quarter of a year.

  • Step 5
    The extra charges and offer capital must be gathered from the imminent individuals

  • Step 6
    A financial balance must be opened for the sake of the proposed society according to the bearings of the enrollment authority. The extra charges and offer cash must be stored in the financial balance and the declaration from the bank must be acquired in that regard.

  • Step 7
    The enlistment expenses of Rs 2500 must be kept with the Reserve Bank of India and received 1 challan thereof is to be gotten.


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