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Best Business Consultant for ESI PF Registration for a company in Rajasthan?

Employee State Insurance (ESI) is known to be self-financing health insurance and social security schemes for Indian workers. ESI operates as an Independent Corporation & comes under the section of ‘Ministry of Labor & Employment’ in India. However, the ESI Corporation tends to manage the funds that are regulated by regulations and guidelines of ESI act 1948. The main objective of this pf esi registration act is to monitor the provision of medical benefits and cash to employees & their families by their comprehensive network of dispensaries and hospitals throughout India.

EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is the main platform for saving a portion of the amount for the people who work in public, private or government sector organizations in India. The PF registration must be done within one month of hiring 20 employees for your company. Any delay in applying for the PF registration might end up in a penalty.

Employees registered through Online Pf registration in Jaipur can benefit from a wide range of benefits through this scheme. Employees are able to enjoy medical treatment and attendance for the individual insured & their families including obstetric and surgical treatment, wide range of medical services, ambulance services, the supply of drugs, super-specialty consultation and so on. Online ESI registration in Rajasthan offers the employee with numerous benefits & enhances worker morale & retention.

The ESI PF registration in jaipur will help the insured individual to get benefit from sick payments along with other medical care. Employees who earn Rs. 15000 or less than that per month can contribute to ESI benefits. The employer can contribute 4.75% and employees can contribute for 1.75% of their shares which is calculated as 6.5% for the individual ESI. All factories, units or establishing having more than 10 employees are necessitated to apply for ESI registration within 15 days time. By registering for ESI benefits, the organization will be allotted with a 17-digit identification code which is unique to every company.

Who all need ESI PF Registration in Rajasthan?

ESI is a must for an organization employing 20 persons or more than that. ESI contribution

is mandatory for employees who earn less than Rs. 15 thousand per month. ESI registration

is quite important when a company or other entity employs a number of low-earning employees in their firm. As per the act, every employee who earns lesser than Rs. 15

thousand per month has to contribute about 1.75% of his payment for ESI whereas 4.75%

will be provided for their ESI by the organization. The Online Pf registration in Rajasthan ensures to offer massive benefits for the employees and has a big network of hospitals and dispensaries throughout the country thus facilitating for efficient and fast medical care.

The ESI PF registration in jaipur helps the individuals or organization to apply for this scheme without any hassle. It seems to be the legal responsibility of the employer to carry out registration of their factory, unit or establishment under the ESI act within the duration of 15 days from the date when the scheme seems to be applicable for them. The Online ESI registration provides a 17-digit distinct identification number for every registered establishment. This unique number will get created through ESIC portal by submitting the required information of the employer.

The pf esi registration in Jaipur for employees is quite needed to offer benefits under the act which is related to the contributions offered by the employer with respect to the insured employees. After joining the private or public limited company, it is the duty of the employee to fill up the declaration form along with a family photo so that the employer will submit that application at ESI branch office.Within 3 months time, a photo ID will be issued to the employee & will be given with insurance no for the sake of identification under this scheme.

Benefits of ESI PF Registration in Rajasthan

Employees registered through Online ESI registration in Rajasthan seem to enjoy a wide range of benefits offered by this scheme. The registered employee will enjoy advantages of treatment and medical attendance for themselves and their families including fullest medical expenses, obstetric and surgical treatment, superspecialty consultation, ambulance services, the supply of drugs and many more. With the addition of medical care, a registered person can also get benefit from sick illness.

The Online Pf registration facilitates employees with massive benefits & enhances worker retention and morale. ESI PF registration in jaipur can assist your organization to obtain & manage ESI registration in a trouble-free manner. ESI is considered as self-ESI which offers a host of sickness and medical benefits for the employees registered under this scheme.Employees who have registered in this scheme are entitled to get medical facilities and are considered to get sick pay benefits as well.Therefore, it is recommended for the

employees to register for ESI scheme to avail numerous benefits.

The ESI PF not only benefits the registered person but also benefits his family. This scheme monitors the provision of medical and cash benefits for the employees & their families via their comprehensive network of dispensaries and hospitals throughout India. The benefits offered behind the pf esi registration scheme in Rajasthan are varied. Some of them include of:

  • Old age care medical expenses

  • Funeral expenses

  • Medical benefits for the employee & his family members

  • In case of the employee dies during the work period – about 90% of the salary will be provided to their

  • dependents for every month time after the death of employees

  • Medical advantages for the employee & his family members

  • Sickness benefits for 70%, in terms of certified illness which last for about 91 days in a year

  • Maternity benefits for the women who get pregnant

  • The advantage in case of employee disability

Eligibility for PF ESI Registration in Rajasthan

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is considered as the society security fund generated for the sake of offering financial security & stability at the time of retirement. The employees will offer a part of their salary for this scheme during their employment period. Apart from that, the employer is also responsible to contribute an equal portion of money towards pf esi registration of the employees. This main purpose of this scheme is to assist the employee by saving a fraction of their salary each month so that the employee can get the money when he gets retirement age or no longer fit to work. The ESI PF registration in jaipur is the best place to apply for the ESI scheme without any hassle.

For EPF registration in Rajasthan

To apply for the Online Pf registration in Rajasthan, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • An employee is found eligible for membership benefits from the day when he joins in EPF scheme. 

  • If the employer has more than 20 employees, it is quite important for them to join with Employee Provident Fund scheme .

  • If the emoluments of an employee exceed Rs. 6500 then he has the option of joining the scheme with employer consent.

For ESI registration in Rajasthan

Before you apply for Online ESI registration  in Rajasthan, it is essential to know about the eligibility criteria

  • It is applicable to the non-seasonal organization or employees having 10 or more persons.

  • This scheme has been found applicable to hotels, cinemas, shops, restaurants including preview theaters, newspaper establishments, and road-motor transport undertakings which employ more than 20 persons.

  • The ESI scheme has been extended to private medical & educational institutions having 20 or more persons from specific union territories or states.

  • The wage limit for this scheme is Rs. 15000 per month.

  • This scheme is quite useful for meeting unforeseen medical expenses of the registered person and his family members.

Documents Required for PF ESI Registration in Rajasthan

PF registration is important for all establishments having 20 or more than that. Establishments which have employees more than 20 numbers are required to get PF registration done very soon. An employee seems to be eligible for Online ESI registration in Rajasthan starting from the joining of employment & the onus of payment and deduction of PF is performed with the employer. However, the 12% rate of pf esi registration will be divided equally between the employer and employee. If the organization includes less than 20 employees then the rate of PF deduction will be 10%. 

If you are planning to register for ESI then you are considered to get ESI PF registration in jaipur. The private and public limited companies must submit the copy of AOA and MOA. The procedure involved in applying for ESI PF registration is quite simple than you think. 

The list of Documents needed for Online Pf registration and PF registration is mentioned below:

  • Company name

  • Date of establishment of the organization

  • Scanned copy of organization’s PAN

  • List of Partners/Directors

  • Digital Signature Certificate

  • Balance sheet details

  • Address proof of the company

  • Scanned copy of company licenses

  • Scanned copy of company’s bank account cheque book

  • Address proof of partner, director or proprietor of the company

  • Copy of first job work bill, first purchase bill or first sale bill

  • The monthly employee’s strength from the date of establishment

  • Mobile number, email address of proprietor/partner/director of the firm.

  • List of working employees and their comprehensive details:

1. Name

2. Date of joining

3. Father name

4. Date of birth

5. Postal address

6. Salary

7. Mobile number

8. Name of nominee

9. Designation

10. Bank Account Number with IFSC code

11. ID proof

12. Grade

  • The digital signature of the partner, director or proprietor.

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