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There are various legal procedures of license registration in the Government sector. The person or company who wants to start a business in a weight and measurement dealership has to register himself according to the rules of the respective state legal metrology department. Every state legal metrology department has its own  rule and regulations for license of Repairers in weight and measures under the legal Metrology Act, 2009. Govt of Rajasthan also provides the rules and regulations for registration in license of dealer in weight and measures in the state legal metrology act, 2009. It provides a single window Clearance System for all services. For any confusion or clearance, you can go through this website. And For getting new updates also, you can go through the National Govt service Portal.

The Legal Metrology Act, 2009

The objective of The legal metrology act, 2009 is to  regulate trade and commerce in weight and measures. This act set the standards of weight and measures.

The act applies to the following things.

  1. Persons who are using any weight or measure in any transaction or Industrial Production or Protection

  2. Manufacturer, Retailer, Wholesaler, trader, Repairer of any weight or measure, Importer and/or Packer of any item related to weight, measure and numbers.

Rajasthan standard of weight and measures (enforcement) rules,1997 also cover this matter.

Procedure Required For License of Repairers of Weight and Measures

For getting the license of repairers of weight and measures under the legal Metrology Act, 2009 there are following step by step procedures that have to be followed by the applicant.

  1. Applicants shall approach the office of the designated local Legal Metrology Officer / Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology for the district under whose dominion the proposed unit is located.

  2. Go to the office.

  3. Obtain the application form or write on an A4 sheet as advised.

  4. After filling/completing the application form attach all the required documents as per our required document section.

  5. Submit the document set along with required/applicable fee to the receiving authority.

  6. Submitted application will be verified by the authorities. If all are in place, applications will be accepted.

  7. Applicants will get an acknowledgement for the submission of application.

  8. This application will be handed over to the inspection team/authority (Local Senior Inspector/Inspector). They will conduct the inspection of premises proposed by the applicant and also verify the documents. Once they finish their due diligence a report along with application will be sent to the Licensing department.

  9. After review of the submitted application and report the licensing authority may constitute a committee to examine and test the capability and competence of the applicant to repair the weights and measure, accordingly the committee prepares and sends its report to the license issuing authority.

  10. The licensing authority, after examining the application and finding it suitable for grant of License, may require the applicant to deposit the License fee.

  11. Once the fee is deposited and copy thereof received in the Assistant Controller’s office, he will issue the license in the prescribed format.

  12. Applicant gets notification about the approval. License will be delivered as per applicable norms.

  13. If the license is refused due to non-compliance of all or any of the requirements, the decision duly reasoned shall be communicated within 15 days to the applicant.


Eligibility for License  Registration of Repairers 

For every license registration process there are some eligibility criteria. For license of Repairers applicant should have following eligibility.

  1. Applicant should be the citizen of India

  2. Age limit 18 years and above

  3. An individual or a company registered under government act is eligible to apply.

  4. Having 1 year of experience or having required education.

Fees and Validity of License

At the time of applying for License Registration, particular fees are submitted by the can ask fees related queries from officers at the time of registration.

The license of repairers of weight and measures is valid for a minimum period of one calendar year and can be renewed.

Document Required 

For getting the license of repairers of weight and measures under the legal Metrology Act, 2009, there are the following documents are required.

  1. Application form

  2. Identity proof.

  3. Certificate of Registration of Industry

  4. NOC from Competent Authority.

  5. Employee Copies of Appointment

  6. Letters with photographs

  7. Qualification and Experience Certificate, if any;

  8. Machineries, Tools and Accessories list with purchase bill.

  9. GST Registration Certificate.

  10. Professional Tax Registration Certificate

  11. Valid Labour Licence.

  12. 2 Passport size photo.

  13. Authenticated document regarding Proprietorship

  14. In case the firm is not a proprietorship concern the firm should submit a copy of Partnership deed duly attested by First Class Magistrate / Notary / Oath Commissioner and in case of Private Company or Limited Company, Memorandum of Association approved by the Ministry of Company Affairs, Govt. of India.

  15. Premises - ownership documents/ registered rent or leave license agreement or lease agreement NOC from the owner / NOC of the member if the premise is owned by a family member.

  16. PAN card

  17. Self-declaration about whether the Applicant has violated any of the provisions of Legal Metrology Act, 2009 or rules made there under.

Latest electricity bill.

  1. Aadhar card of directors

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