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Limited Liability Partnership(LLP) registration in Jaipur, Rajasthan

A Limited Liability partnership firm in Jaipur is a business structure in which two or more individuals manage and operate their business in accordance with the terms and objectives set out in a Partnership Deed that may or may not be registered. In such a business, the members are individually partners and share the liabilities as well as profits of the firm in a predetermined ratio.

Partnership Deed for LLP Registration in Jaipur

A Limited Liability  partnership deed is a written agreement made between two or more partners who are willing to undertake business together. The deed consists of all the terms & conditions that are made in agreement with the partners. A Limited Liability  partnership deed must contain the following:

Capital contribution for LLP Registration in Jaipur

  1. The ratio of the profit to be shared
  2. Details of partners
  3. Nature of business
  4. Working of the firm
  5. Dissolution/liquidation of the firm

Documents Required for LLP Registration in Jaipur

The documents required for Limited Liability Parternship Registration in Jaipur from the director and shareholders are:

  1. Pan Card/Aadhar Card
  2. Voter ID/Passport / License
  3. Two passport photo
  4. Bank Statement- latest 3 month(Bank Pdf)
  5. Email, Mobile No, Profession , Qualification, and Duration of stay at present address
  6. Documents required are as follows:
  7. Certified copy of the partnership deed.
  8. An authority letter signed by firm partners
  9. Even if the director is the owner of the property NOC is needed from him
  10. Bank Statement- latest 3 month(Bank Pdf)
  11. Covering letter with Rs. 5 court fee stamp

Note:- All document must be scan from a scanner with good quality

Time for LLP Registration in Jaipur

Limited Liability Partnership Firm Registration process can be completed in around 10-14 working days after all document received completely from the customer side; as follows:-

  1. Preparation of documents – 2 days
  2. DSC Application – 1 day
  3. Name Approval through RUN – 1-2 days
  4. Filing of form – 2 days
  5. Approval – 8-10 days