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Online contractor registration  is a huge process in  Military Engineering Services.  Military Engineering services (MES)  is one of the defence infrastructure development agencies in India. This institution is mainly  employed in engineering and construction for the Indian Armed Forces, including the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Ordnance Factories, DRDO, and the Indian Coast Guard.MES is an Inter-Service Organization with both Army and Civilian components of officers and other subordinate staff. Anyone can register himself as a contractor in play a vital role in the railway sector. They have responsibility to execute the contraction work. They do project planning, project management, monitoring, safety measures and legal matters. Contractor do work with the whole team with sub contractors and the planning committee.

MES  contractor registration online in Rajasthan

Anyone who wants to join  MES as a contractor is required to  fill  the application in  prescribed format on the official website of MES. The contractors  are  divided for The online contractor registration in MES.

  1. 'SS' Class

  2. 'S Class

  3. 'A' to 'D' Class

  4. 'E' Class


Required documents for MES contractor registration in Rajasthan

There is a huge following list of documents which are required for the MES Online  contractor registration.

  1. Application for contractor registration.

  2. Affidavit of constitution of firm.

  3. List of works executed during 5 years.

  4. Annual turnover certificate form CA/income tax deduction at source certificates from GEs in support of annual turnover during the last 5 years.

  5. Balance sheet of last five years in case of limited company.

  6. Affidavit of immovable property indicating present market value and containing following endorsement.

  7. the immovable property is free from mortgages, hypothecation or any other dispute 

  8. and encumbrances and clearly belongs to the Contractor. 

  9. That the immovable property is free from any disputes and encumbrances and clean Or belongs to the Contractor. 


The immovable property has been mortgaged/hypothecate 

for Rs……………... Market value of immovable property as per valuation report No …………..

given by Registered valuer is …………...Rs……………. Therefore balance market value I 

Pro i.e. Rs…………..(Market value minus mortgage value) is free from ar 

p p mortgage/ hypothecation.

  • That the said immovable property has not been shown for seeking enlistment of a sister 

concern in MES. 

  • That the said immovable property will not be sold, transferred, gifted or otherwise 

  disposed off without prior intimation to the registering authority in MES. While giving such prior intimation, new affidavit for alternate immovable property of value at least equal to minimum requirement as per scales alongwith valuation report from registered valuer shall also be submitted; failing which the Registering Authority may declare the 

contractor unenlisted 4 or may take action as deemed fit till acquiring alternate immovable property by the Contractor.

  1. Valuation report from Registered (with any Government body) valuer for immovable property clearly indicating ownership details. Alternatively the Contractor may submit a certificate from the Deputy Commissioner/ Collector/First Class Magistrate or assessment of wealth tax authorities.

  2. Affidavit for movable property (T & P. machinery, transport etc.) : If certain, 

movable property is being considered towards requirements of minimum reserve, endorsements as required for immovable property shall also be given on affidavit for movable property and valuation report from Registered (with any Government body) valuer for movable property clearly indicating ownership details shall also be submitted.

  1. Solvency certificate from the scheduled bank as per specimen given in Appendix-1.2 

  2. Working capital certificate from the scheduled Bank as per specimen given in Appendix 1.2 Alternatively Contractor may submit bank statement for the last 6 months/attested copies of fixed deposit receipts/balance sheet in support of Working Capital.

  3. Affidavit from contractor for employment of Engineers. 

  4. Affidavit from Engineers for employment with the Contractor. 

  5.  Experience and Degree/Diploma certificates of Engineers. 

  6.  Affidavit from Contractor that there is no Government dues/recovery outstanding against him. (If there is any Government dues/recovery outstanding from the Contractor, 

enlistment/upgradation shall not be done)

  1. Affidavit from Contractor that he is not involved in any arbitration/litigation cases. If he is involved, he will give brief details of such cases on affidavit and enlisting authority will critically examine such details and if contractor is considered habitual litigant, his 

enlistment/ upgradation shall not be done. 

  1. Two photographs of proprietor/partners/directors of the firm for verification of character and antecedents from the police authorities. 

  2. Copy of partnership deed in case of partnership firm. 

  3.  Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of Limited Companies. 

  4. Copy of Registration Certificate of firm/company with Registrar of Companies.

  5. (Affidavit that no near relative(s) of the contractor or their employees/agents is/are working as Gazetted/ Commissioned Officer in MES/Corps of Engineers/ Ministry of 

Defence. If his/their near relative(s) is/are working in such capacity, he/they shall furnish details. The contractor shall not be entitled to tender for the works in the entire area of CE Zone/Project under whose control his/their near relatives are working as Gazetted/ Commissioned Officers. 

  1. Affidavit that no near relative(s) of the contractor is/are working as Junior Engineer in MES/Corps of Engineers. If his near relative (s) is/are working in such capacity, the contractor shall furnish details. The contractor shall not be entitled to tender for the works 

in the entire area of GE (I)/GE in which his near relative(s) is/are working as Junior Engineer. 

  1.  Copy of power of attorney given to any person/partner/ director by the Contractor.

Application for enrollment as MES contractor registration in Rajasthan

For online contractor registration in MES Applications can be found on the official website of MES.  Any one who is going to fill the application for online contractor registration, should read the construction and engineering laws for  further work. In the MES department the constructor does the following work.

1. Project planner

They  Determine and estimate various issues in the project such as needed materials, equipment. Practicing excellent communication between all parties involved in the construction such as client and subcontractors. They also Determine legal and regulatory requirements for permission of the project.

2. Project management- 

Constructors Manage the budget for the completion of construction activities. Main contractor is responsible for finding and hiring the right subcontractors and individuals to complete the job. They arrange and submit the bills, expenses of the project etc.

3. Legal matters-

 The contractor also deals with legal matters like building permit application, matters related to legal complaints etc.

4. Project monitoring- 

the constructor Monitor project in terms of time schedule, safety, work quality, and other project-related details as specified in the project contract. He also Review, modify, and update the project programme dependent on latest changes and feedback.

5. Health and safety issues-

 the contractor has a duty to take health and safety measures according to the comfort of others . They are spreading awareness among the workers regarding health and safety measurements.

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