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In India a Private Limited Company Registration in Jaipur & Rajasthan is the most popular form of business entity which is normally liked by Indian and foreign investors in India to start a business in Jaipur & Rajasthan . It can be incorporated as per the rules and regulations mentioned in Companies Act, 2013.

Minimum requirement to form a Pvt. Ltd. Co. in Jaipur & Rajasthan 

  • A minimum of two shareholders and a maximum of up to 200 shareholders are allowed in a private limited company.

  • A private limited company must have a minimum of two Directors and can have up to a maximum of fifteen Directors.

  • A minimum paid up capital of Rs. 1,00,000/- .

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Steps to Incorporate a Private Limited Company in Jaipur & Rajasthan

Step 1. Obtain Digital Signature : 

Obtain the digital signature certificate (DSC) from authorized authority of the persons (at least one is required) who are going to be director in the company. It normally takes two – five days. Documents required for obtaining DSCs please check.

Step 2 : Obtain Director Identification No. : 

Obtain the Director Identification No. (DIN) for proposed Directors in the company. It normally takes one day but can be more in certain circumstances. For obtaining DIN please check.

Step 3 : Obtain approval of proposed Company name : 

Get approval of proposed name of company from the Registrar of Companies (ROC). This procedure takes at least 2 working days. Application for the reservation/availability of name shall be in Form no. INC. 1 (available on the site of Ministry of Company Affairs) along with prescribed fee of Rs. 1,000/-. After approval of name the name will be valid for a period of 60 Days from the date on which the application for Reservation was made.

Note : The applicant cannot start business or enter into any agreement, contract, etc. in the name of the proposed company until and unless a certificate of registration is issued by the registrar of companies as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules made thereunder.

Step 4 : Preparation of the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) : 

Drafting of the MOA and AOA of the Company consistent with the name available.

Note : The main objects should match with the objects shown in e-Form INC 1 with the availability of name and shall be in respective forms specified in Tables A, B, C, D, E (for MOA) and Tables F, G, H, I and J (for AOA) in Schedule I as may be applicable to such company.

Step 5 : Pay stamp duties : 

Stamp duty will be paid online through the MCA21 portal. It may take 1-2 day to have challan.

Stamp duty which is required to be paid before submitting form INC-7, is charged state wise according to authorized share capital mentioned in AOA.

Step 6 : Application for incorporation of a private company : 

File Form INC-7 along with Form no. INC. 22 for the situation of the registered office of the Company (as the case selected in form no. INC 7) with the Registrar within whose jurisdiction the registered office of the company is proposed to be situated, and DIR -12 with the following attachments:

  1. MOA

  2. AOA

  3. Declaration in Form No. INC-8 by Professionals (Advocate/CA/CS/ICWA in practice)

  4. Affidavit from each of the subscriber to the Memorandum in Form No. INC-9.

  5. Proof of residential addresses (the address for correspondence till its registered office is established)

  6. For verification of signature of subscribers in form no. INC – 10

  7. NOC in case there is change in the promoters (first subscribers to Memorandum of Association)

  8. Proof of Identity (the particulars of name, including surname or family name, residential address, nationality and such other particulars of every subscriber to the memorandum and the particulars of the persons mentioned in the articles as the first directors of the company along with proof of identity, as may be prescribed, and in the case of a subscriber being a body corporate, such particulars as may be prescribed;)

  9. Entrenched Articles of Association, if any.

    Note: Where the articles contain the provisions for entrenchment, the company shall give notice to the Registrar of such provisions in Form No. INC.7, as the case may be, along with the fee as provided in the Companies (Registration offices and fees) Rules, 2014 at the time of incorporation of the company.

  10. PAN Card (in case of Indian national)

  11. Certified true copy of board resolution/consent by all the partners authorizing to subscribe to MOA

  12. Optional attachment, if any

  13. Form no. DIR.12 showing interest of subscribers or first directors mentioned in AOA in other firms and bodies corporate alongwith consents to act as directors of the company.

  14. Form no. INC 22 filed for verification of the registered office of the Company.

Step 7 : Obtain the certificate of incorporation : 

Normally within 3-5 working days, the certificate of incorporation is issued.

Step 8 : Request and obtain Certificate to Commence Operation, if required : 

This may take 5-6 more days.

Time Required for Company Registration in Jaipur & Rajasthan

Registration done within 15 to 20 days

We Provides you in Company Registration in Jaipur & Rajasthan

Everything below is included:

  • DSC for 1 Directors

  • DIN for 2 directors

  • Name Reservation

  • MOA, AOA & All Incorporation Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • PAN and TAN (After Incorporation)

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