What is Nidhi Company Registration?

"Nidhi" is a Hindi word, which means finance or fund. Nidhi means a company which has been incorporated with the object of developing the habit of thrift and reserve funds amongst its members and also receiving deposits and lending to its members only for their mutual benefit.

Nidhi company registration requires minimum 3 members. All the Nidhi company’s incorporated shall have the last word as “Nidhi Limited” as part of its name. Nidhi company is easy and economical to register. Nidhi company registration can be done through LegalRaasta in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and other Indian cities.

Nidhi company requires minimum 3 members. It might not issue preference share. If preference shares have already been issued by a Nidhi Company before initiation of this Act, such preference shares are to be redeemed in accordance with the terms of the issue of such shares. All the Nidhi company’s incorporated shall have the last word as a “Nidhi Limited” as part of its name. Nidhi Company Registration is done through Legalraasta.

  • Choose Nidhi Company because:

  • 1. No External Involvement in Management

  • 2. Helpful for Lower and Middle Classes

  • 3. Low Rates of Interest

  • 4. Secured Investments

  • 5. Minimum Documentation and Formalities

What is included in Our Nidhi Company Registration Package?

  • 1. DIN of 3 Directors

  • 2. Digital Signature For 3 Directors

  • 3. Name search & approval

  • 4. MOA/AOA

  • 5. Registration Fees

  • 6. Company Pan Card

  • 7. Latest Utility Bill (Electric Bill/Telephone Bill/Water Bill) OR NOC

Procedure for Nidhi Company Registration

Complete our Simple Form

  • 1. Details

  • You are required to fill in the details in our simple questionnaire and submit documents.

  • 2. Obtain DSC and DIN from us

  • We will provide you with DSC and DIN. To proceed further, you need to give your approval.

  • 3. Verification and Name Approval

  • For further procedures, details provided by you will be verified by our experts.

  • 4. Document Submission

  • We will create all the required documents and file them with ROC on your behalf.

  • 5. Your Work is Completed

  • Once your company is incorporated, we shall send you all the documents and DSCs.CONGRATULATIONS

Documents Required For Nidhi Company Registration

  • 1. Copy of Director’s PAN Card

  • 2. Passport size photograph of Directors

  • 3. Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card/Driving License of directors

  • 4. Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)

  • 5. Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)

  • 6. Copy of Property papers (If owned property)

  • 7. Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)

Minimum Requirements for Incorporation

  • 1. Before Incorporation

  • 2. Minimum 7 shareholders

  • 3. Minimum 3 Directors

  • 4. Minimum Capital of Rs. 10 Lacs

  • 5. DIN for all directors

  • 6. After Incorporation

  • 7. Minimum number of 200 Shareholders

  • 8. Net owned Fund shall not be less than Rs. 10 Lacs

  • 9. Unencumbered deposits of not less than 10% of the outstanding deposits

  • 10. Net owned funds to deposits ratio should be more than 1:20

What is a Nidhi Company?

Nidhi Company is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) which does not require any license from the RBI. The Nidhi Company is very easy and cheap to form to register. Anybody can register a Nidhi Company; there is no background check, nor are there did any prescribed qualifications for its owners. Nidhi Companies cannot deal with anybody other than its members.

Advantages of Nidhi Company Registration

  • 1. No Minimum Share Capital Requirement

  • 2. Easy Transfer of Ownership

  • 3. Tax Benefits

  • 4. No need to use “Nidhi” or “Limited” title

  • 5. No Stamp Duty

    • 6. Clear Objectives for easy donations and loans

    • 7. Easy to Manage

    • 8. Exemptions and Privileges under Companies Act, 2013

    • 9. Relaxation in Compliances

Concerns Related to Nidhi Company

  • 1. Highly dependent on the integrity, honesty, and loyalty of workers and members.

  • 2. Lackluster sales promotion.

  • 3. It caters to only the needs of small and medium-income groups.

  • 4. Nidhi Companies are usually managed by amateurs and professional managers cannot be hired due to lack of funds.

  • 5. People may be afraid to deposit funds because Nidhi Companies don’t require a license from the RBI.


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