The Legal Bank Economic Commissioned Projects

  • Making the right strategic decisions or wielding greater influence will often have to be backed up by robust evidence combined with cutting-edge insight. Our consultants and economists have the experience and expertise to deliver the bespoke analysis, research and insight to help organizations achieve their objectives.

  • Our clients benefit from our project consultants wealth of experience in applying economic reasoning to tackle real issues. Our clients’ challenges are broadly either internal or external:

  • Internal:

  • shining economic light on all aspects of strategic business planning to support board and senior management decisions

  • External:

  • Economic evidence to influence customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, and politicians

  • Our dedicated projects team deliver detailed reports and presentations and have extensive experience across a diverse range of sectors:

  • 1. Financial services

  • 2. Telecommunications

  • 3. Information Technology

  • 4. Food and drink production

  • 5. Insurance

  • 6. Trade Associations

  • 7. Transport

  • 8. Manufacturing

  • 9. Mining

  • 10. Housing

  • 11. Not for profit

  • 12. Energy

  • 13. Education

  • 14. Government


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