Workshops & Briefings

  • The Legal Bank consultants and economists are available to deliver presentations at key stakeholder meetings and in support of public and media launch events. We are frequently asked to deliver strategy and planning workshops to company boards or participate in roundtable discussions. Hourly rates are available on request.

  • Our experts frequently attend meetings with our clients for a variety of reasons often to:

  • 1. Make the economic case convincingly to Government officials.

  • 2. Present the key highlights of reports persuasively at public events.

  • 3. Add weight to discussions and debates involving industry commentators.

  • 4. Facilitate “brainstorming” strategy workshops with senior executives.

  • 5. Articulate the economic arguments to help company boards make key strategic decisions.

  • 6. Provide objective economic reasoning to key stakeholders on often emotive industry issues.

  • 7. Enhance credibility by enabling clients to take advantage of our strong independent reputation.

  • The Legal Bank Economist always designs meaningful analytics reports and presentation. We are working in Jaipur, Dehli, Bangaluru, Mumbai, Asia Pacific and all over the world


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