The Legal Bank Data Service

  • Use our Data Service to generate online charts and tables of key economic data.

  • Over 100 countries, 20,000 series and our own forecasts.

  • See more details of our coverage:

  • 1. Quickly access the latest data within minutes of release.

  • 2. Export raw data and charts, or maintain a personal chart library.

  • Data Designer:

  • 1. Use powerful interactive charting tools.

  • 2. Locate and assemble data sets quickly.

  • 3. Create and customize charts and tables.

  • Chart Library:

  • 1. View charts and underlying data.

  • 2. Updated within minutes of new releases.

  • 3. Customise and manipulate data sets.

  • Create a personal data library:

  • 1. Create, customize and save charts and tables.

  • 2. Receive automatic updates & new data alerts.

  • 3. Build and export customizable chart packs.

  • Export data in multiple formats:

  • 1. The Legal Bank Economic advisory committee always ready to assist your organization of sound economic results.

  • 2. We are recently practicing in economics in Jaipur, Dehli, Mumbai, Bangaluru and all over the world.


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