• Whether you are a potential new client or an existing subscriber The Legal Bank economists are on hand to provide whatever support you need.

  • Our team of economists regularly answer queries related to our publications for subscribers to our micro, macro, regional and sectorial services. If you want more tailored analysis and a more personal touch, our consultants’ time can be accessed in two ways:

  • 1. Random queries:

  • perhaps you just need some economic analysis on how a particular aspect of government policy, regulation or even planned commercial changes will affect your organization. No lengthy reports or presentations are needed, but you want some input from our seasoned professionals on a particular topic. Hourly rates are available on request.

  • 2. Annual support contract:

  • this includes a minimum of two meetings or presentations per annum, either at your offices or our own, at which senior staff will present Capital Economics’ views and forecasts, as well as regular telephone contact and invitations to our seminars and conferences

  • The Legal Bank Economic advisory committee always ready to assist your organization of sound economic results.

  • We are recently practicing in economics in Jaipur, Dehli, Mumbai, Bangaluru and all over the world


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