Process Audit

If the Business processes are not finely drafted and implemented, there can be a high risk of non-compliance and inefficiency, even leading to frauds.

A regular check and a strict compliance with the processes is required to lower down the chances of fraud or break-down. There should be a proper advisory on following the processes. Many times even the processes are complicated (as seen in IT companies or Heavy Industries) and if those are not explained in the organization properly, can put the working in jeopardy. In certain organizations, the working depends upon proper following of the processes due to statutory calls.

Audit of processes thus becomes important especially in concerns with complicated or legal processes. We help you by- setting up organizational processes and if processes are already in place, then analyzing them and evaluating them, thus you can expect your organization has an end-to-end solution. Our team ensures stringent compliance to pre-set processes of an organization, while it is undergoing the audit. Our team strictly follows a consulting approach which further helps in writing perfectly customized compliance processes for various divisions in the organization.

  • Auditor in India

  • We undertake Process audit which assesses applicable compliance measures, evaluating gaps if any, suggesting on new processes and providing an improved compliance environment, through:

  • Where process policy already exists:

  • 1. Analysis of policy

  • 2. Applying test checks

  • 3. Risk mapping

  • 4. Finding gaps in following the draft policies

  • 5. Writing a report with suggestions

  • Where processes are yet to be designed:

  • 1. Understanding the details of each process

  • 2. Writing up the processes with management suggestions

  • 3. A sample run of the processes

  • 4. Test of the processes applied

  • 5. Identifying area of improvement

  • 6. Reimplementation of improved processes

  • 7. How is IT Process Audit carried out?

  • Information Age, this is what we call our present. Without IT process being effectively in place, we can not rest assured that we are doing well and that too without any cyber risks. We have a team that can diagnose IT health of the IT processes that are currently being employed by your entity and those which should be applied. We first deeply analyze your business processes and then start to check the IT process to be in line.

  • Following are the key points while carrying out Process Audits:

  • 1. Access and security of risk-prone assets like computers and software

  • 2. Scrutinizing risk attached to Data Security

  • 3. Checking risks with system failure

  • 4. Identifying and filling gaps

  • 5. Checking Business Continuity Policy

  • What you gain from this:

  • 1. Human error can be substantially lowered as more and more processes will convert to automation

  • 2. Adaptable for a multi-country, multi-location, and multi-division business

  • 3. Business messes can be avoided

  • 4. Multiple movements of information, which can be unwanted will be ignored

  • 5. Existing methods and processes can be improved

  • 6. Making your processes law compatible

  • 7. Risks related to cyber frauds can be reduced by a good margin

  • 8. checks for each and every process which further becomes unviable, cumbersome and a costly matter, thereby lowering risk and cost


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