The company of today is focused on the technology of tomorrow. Continuous innovation is essential if organizations want to take full advantage of new opportunities, making it crucial for companies to become more efficient and creative in how they develop, source, and use technology.

We appreciate the challenges of staying innovative and profitable. As the first law firm to provide advice in this practice area, we have amassed a wealth of experience over the past four decades.

Our lawyers work across borders and practice areas to advise providers and users on technology, outsourcing, data privacy, information management, communications and mobility issues — designing compliance programs to protect critical business interests and using novel structures for new technology offerings. No other law firm has more experience helping clients navigate the legal and commercial risks on the sourcing, use, and provision of technology.

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  • 1. Communications & Mobility

  • 2. Digital Media

  • 3. Technology & Outsourcing

  • 4. Privacy & Information Management

Communications & Mobility

Technology is bringing the world closer together and creating new business opportunities in the process. These opportunities bring new challenges, especially for organizations operating on a global scale. Our skills are central to harnessing these opportunities in a number of areas.

  • 1. Connected Car

  • With the number of vehicles with built-in connectivity set to rise from 10% to 90% by 2020, we provide critical advice to automotive, mobile and connectivity companies to help them satisfy driver connectivity demands while complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Our services include advising on integrated emergency and e-call systems, integration, and use of SIM cards, infotainment systems, device and road safety, numbering regulation, electronic messaging, use of geo-location data; two-way calls, licensing requirements, and call recording and consent requirements.

Digital Media

  • Our Digital Media Practice brings together intellectual property, technology, commercial, corporate, competition, and disputes specialists to advise on complex, cross-border transactions and commercial matters. Our sector-specific experience includes work on numerous high-profile, high-value transactions in the digital media industry.

  • 1. Interactive Entertainment

  • Our interactive entertainment services include advice on developing and publishing content, negotiating and drafting industry-specific contracts, advising on games rating laws and regulations, and devising and implementing strategies to protect intellectual property. Clients benefit from our cross-practice expertise and commercial advice on digital media, technology, communications, intellectual property, tax, competition, corporate finance, and employment law matters. We also advise on virtual worlds, gaming, social media, new science launches, acquisitions, and product recalls.

Privacy and Information Management

  • Today's rapidly evolving technologies have made it easier than ever for companies to collect, use and transfer data throughout the world. The regulation of data has expanded, imposing complex and often inconsistent privacy and data protection standards. At the same time, the legal and business risks associated with non-compliance have escalated. We advise multinational companies on all aspects of data privacy, security and information management, including:

  • 1. Global Privacy and Data Protection

  • Our global privacy practitioners understand the interplay of privacy requirements with labor and employment laws, consumer protection laws and other local laws. We advise on privacy policies, data storage, retention and destruction, privacy complaints and investigations, disputes, data access requests and transfer and disclosure agreements. We also conduct multi-jurisdictional reviews of the collection, use, and transfer of data.

Technology and Outsourcing

  • Our integrated Technology & Outsourcing practice is unrivaled in its combination of genuine specialism with full-service solutions across the whole range of innovative technologies throughout the world. New business models are constantly emerging and product cycles are growing shorter. Competition is fierce. Clients respond by sourcing supplies - even production capacity - in new places. The integration of new technologies and systems means that our clients are constantly restructuring, resizing and adapting. Our unmatched global expertise enables us to provide our clients with unsurpassed know-how around technology and outsourcing requirements in whatever industry they are in.


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