Closing Private Limited Company

  • 1. Closing Private Limited Company

  • 2. Make the winding up process easier for you

  • 3.Takes less than 30 days

Private Limited Company Closure

    If your business in the private limited company is not running properly or faces continuous losses, it is better to close such private limited company and look for a new beginning. A private limited company needs to be closed or windup, when there are no exchanges or the Directors of the company, is not willing to proceed its operations. A private limited company generally can be shut by both voluntary and compulsory circumstances. Private limited Company Closure is done through The Legal Bank.

Documents Required

  • 1. Pass an ordinary resolution in Board of Directors meeting.

  • 2.There should be no business activity from the day when the resolution is passed

  • 3. Declaration by members stating there is no debt pending on the company and the required forms are filed.

Procedure For Private Limited Company Closure

  • Procedure For Private Limited Company Closure

  • 1. Drafting Affidavit

  • Our experts will draft the affidavit for company closure and ask for your approval.


  • 2. Filing Financial statement

  • We will file your latest financial statement, with MCA.


  • 3. Document Submission

  • We shall then, send your documents to you via Courier.

  • 20-25 WORKING DAYS

  • 4. Your work is completed

  • Lastly, You can now legally close your Pvt.Ltd.firm.

Reasons Leading to Closure of Company

  • 1. Directors’ willingness

  • 2. By Court order

  • 3. Default in holding statutory gathering or consistency with the statute

  • 4. If members go underneath the recommended number

  • 5. Company gets bankrupt

  • 6. Financial accounts are not submitted for 5 years

What is Included In Our Package?

  • 1. Closing Private Limited

  • 2. Directors affidavit for dues

  • 3. Indemnity Bond

  • 4. Board resolution creation

  • 5. Statement of account preparation

  • 6. Registration fees


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