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Bookkeeping services are necessary for all businesses to ensure accurate operational/financial information. Such information is required by Management, Regulators, and Investors. Also, it is a legal requirement for any business to maintain an appropriate book of accounts to ensure that all relevant taxes are paid and tax filings are made on time.

Bookkeeping is the process of recording financial transactions of a business in an accounting system and the creation of reports. However, many small businesses do not have complete accounting departments and require external bookkeeping services. LegalRaasta can provide your business with bookkeeping services through a network of Business Experts and Chartered Accountants across India.

Accountants may handle more advanced tasks like tax preparation, budget analysis, and investment development. Both Accountants and bookkeepers frequently use advanced financial software to record and track their information.

What Is Included In Our Package?

  • 1. Accounts Payable Functions

  • 2. Accounts receivable functions

  • 3. Accounts reconciliation

  • 4. Payroll

  • 5. Monthly Analysis

Procedure for Bookkeeping Services

  • 1. Send us the copy of the book

  • Send us the scanned copy of your accounting books and one of our experts shall get in touch with you.

  • 2. Analysis of your books

  • Our experts shall then analyze your accounting books and make entries into books according to the same.


  • 3. Verification and Approval by you

  • As next procedure, the final tally entry shall be sent by our experts to you for verification and approval.


  • 4. Preparation of Balance sheet

  • Once approved by you, our experts shall then prepare the balance sheet and PNC statement of the same.


  • 5. Your Work is Complete

Once the Balance sheet and PNC are prepared, the books of accounts are finalized and completed and sent to you.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a systematic record of financial transactions in the appropriate books of records. What it means is, whether you make a sale or purchase something, a record will be maintained of the transaction. This record will allow you to easily keep a track of all your transactions and will help you analyze how you can cut costs and reduce taxes. Bookkeeping is a function of the accounts department of a business. However, many small businesses do not have fully staffed and efficient accounting departments and require the help of external bookkeeping services. LegalRaasta can help your business maintain its books through its network of CA/CS and tax experts.

Why should you Maintain Books of Accounts?

  • 1. Statutory Requirement for all businesses except for Sole Proprietorship.

  • 2. You review your performance and take steps to improve.

  • 3. Training books of accounts help you when you need funding from investors.

Advantages of Bookkeeping

  • 1. Cost-Effective

  • 2. Time Effective

  • 3. Higher Profits

  • 4. Reduced Tax Liabilities

  • 5. Peace of Mind


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