AntiRust Litigations

  • Antitrust laws are relevant to companies looking to expand, needing to defend themselves against attacks from competitors and antitrust agencies, and wanting to keep their businesses focused on commercial issues rather than on litigation and seemingly endless investigations.

  • For those looking to expand, we help navigate the merger control and assessment process, highlighting the risks and opportunities. For companies defending themselves in the face of serious antitrust infringement allegations, our swift guidance can mean the difference between complete immunity and prison sentences and multimillion-dollar fines.

  • For those who want to "stop the bleeding" and put their business back on track — or keep it there —we help them comply with antitrust rules while maintaining a competitive edge. We have a wealth of experience conducting audits of key risk areas across industry sectors and design corporate compliance programs that work in every country that antitrust issues could arise.

  • How We Can Help?

  • 1. Antitrust Litigation

  • Our Antitrust & Competition litigators help clients enforce competition law and resolve competition-related disputes. We work closely with leading economists and other professionals to provide strategic advice on criminal and civil cartel matters, individual and class action litigation, predatory pricing matters, and competition issues arising from M&A transactions.

  • We regularly work with national and regional competition regulators and represent clients before competition tribunals and courts, including the European Commission. Many of our lawyers are former regulators, providing valuable insight to our clients.

  • 2. Cartels, Investigations and Dawn Raids

  • Businesses face increasingly aggressive and coordinated cartel enforcement as well as claims for damages. As the worlds largest emerging Antitrust & Competition Practice, we've played a role in almost every major global cartel investigation, implementing coordinated defenses at national, regional and global levels. Knowing when to self-report violations and obtain amnesties can mean the difference between total immunity and prison sentences and multimillion-dollar fines.

  • We provide immediate assistance in dawn raids, using our investigation skills and expert guidance to help clients understand the issues. We develop overall strategies aimed at obtaining immunity or persuading enforcers to drop or limit the scope of charges.

  • With dawn raids growing more frequent and better coordinated, clients directly benefit from our practical experience across a range of investigations and sectors. Whether the investigation is multi-country by the European Commission, single country by national competition authorities, or globally by multiple authorities, we will skillfully guide you through every step of the process.

  • 3. Compliance and Audit

  • Understanding antitrust and competition rules are now a critical part of any successful business strategy. If companies have been before the authorities once, it is likely their sector will be the subject of repeat investigations. We focus on companies' greatest competition law risks, providing compliance training, developing compliance programs, and auditing key risk areas across industry sectors.

  • Developing corporate compliance programs that work in every jurisdiction that multinational companies operate is challenging. We have a wealth of experience tailoring policies and procedures based on assessments of our clients' greatest competition law risk factors.

  • 4. Distribution

  • As companies grow, ensuring their distribution agreements comply with antitrust laws is important. To ensure compliance, we review pricing arrangements, exclusive purchasing obligations, and most favored customer clauses, minimize legal risks associated with agency relationships, and structure complex incomplete Universe.

  • 5. Dominance/Monopolization

  • Antitrust laws outlawing abuse of dominance vary widely across the world and yet the mere allegation of dominance can stifle legitimate business conduct. Conversely, competing against a dominant company is difficult, which is why ensuring a level playing field is critical. Our specialists advise companies on the likelihood of dominance and the risks and legitimacy of certain business conduct. Our advice is tailored to local laws based on our experience advising on dominance issues in all major antitrust jurisdictions.

  • 6. Merger Control and Joint Venture

  • As companies seek growth through acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, and collaboration, receiving timely strategic advice is essential. Our team has developed innovative online tools to help clients navigate the merger control and assessment process, highlighting the risks and opportunities.

  • 7. State Aid

  • Alleged aid may be critical for a business. We provide a complete range of EU state aid advice and support, including identifying and assessing aid, assisting with preparation of notifications and complaints, and providing guidance throughout the approval or complaint process at the national and EU levels. We also challenge adverse decisions before the European Courts.


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