M&A is often the quickest, most efficient way for companies to transform their businesses, whether it be through purchasing or divesting products, service lines, technology or supply chains, as well as entering or exiting particular markets. Because of the pressures of globalization, companies around the world will continue to pursue these transactions to remain profitable and innovative regardless of market trends and economic fluctuations.

Yet the challenges of these transactions are many, particularly in cross-border deals involving high-growth markets where regulatory environments and business practices vary. Buyers, today are concerned with questions such as, Have we done adequate due diligence? To what extent are we assuming compliance or reputational risk? Can we get merger clearance? Do we have the right deal timetable? Will we be able to effectively integrate the target? Sellers face similar preparation, regulatory and antitrust challenges that require expert counsel.

As the world's largest M&A practice, our many lawyers execute more cross-border transactions than any other law firm, gaining the experience and expertise so critical to helping clients mitigate risk and achieve their goals in industries including healthcare, retail, industrials, insurance, food and beverage, and technology. For more than a decade, we have ranked number one for M&A in emerging markets by deal volume. Nearly every day we close a deal somewhere in the world, and the way we approach transactions demonstrates our experience.

Our lawyers assist our clients through all stages of a transaction, from preparing the business for sale or performing due diligence, to negotiating the purchase agreement, coordinating the closing across multiple jurisdictions, and integrating the operations of the resulting business. From deal inception to business integration, we help clients bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement.

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  • 1. Corporate Compliance & Governance

  • 2. Corporate Reorganizations

  • 3. Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

  • 4. Multinational Divestitures

Corporate Compliance & Governance

Many of Year experience handling cross-border corporate and commercial matters, we advise companies on all elements of company law, including board procedures, director responsibilities and shareholder relations, corporate policies, codes of conduct and listing rules. Our corporate advisers function as an extension of our clients’ business teams on transactions and day-to-day operations, freeing corporate leaders to focus on the more profitable aspects of their businesses.
Our services include structuring and forming new corporate structures, reorganizing existing structures, repatriating earnings, executing post-acquisition integrations, and advising on corporate clean up, rationalization, and group simplification projects. We also plan, coordinate and manage corporate housekeeping such as calendarizing annual corporate compliance requirements, preparing annual meeting minutes and filings, and handling director and officer replacements.

Corporate Reorganizations

  • Increasing globalization and economic uncertainty have created a much more demanding and competitive marketplace while shareholders continue to pressure companies to increase their returns. Change through successful integration and reorganization can often ensure a business is fully equipped to meet these challenges. However, the hard truth is that many businesses never reap the intended benefits as transformations often fail to make the leap from planned strategy to effective execution.
    We understand this dilemma and have been guiding clients through these transformations for years to ensure they meet their intended objectives. Our Global Reorganizations Practice comprises cross-border and inter-disciplinary teams of corporate, employment, tax, intellectual property and commercial practitioners who undertake pre-transaction planning, spinoffs, supply chain reorganizations, fiscal efficiency projects and post-acquisition integrations& hybrid. This makes us one of only a handful of professional firms with a practice group devoted to providing clients with commercial advice for global and domestic business transformations.
    Our approach to ensuring clients achieve a successful transformation is simple. We provide a solutions-led approach based on a client's global objectives, project management by a close-knit team with the right expertise and experience, and collaboration with in-house teams to ensure we address all issues while minimizing disruption of day-to-day operations.

Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance

  • Named one of the top transactional firms among Fortune 100 companies by Corporate Counsel magazine, our M&A lawyers are market leaders in planning and executing joint ventures and strategic alliances, particularly across borders. After years of completing these deals, we deliver what clients want most: experienced advice on joint venture strategy, increased deal certainty, risk management in all jurisdictions, and the ability to realize the strategic and economic benefits of the partnership.
    Our expertise spans all stages of the joint venture and strategic alliance transactions, starting with structuring the partnership while accounting for tax strategies, multijurisdictional considerations, equity participation and director liabilities. We also provide guidance on the optimal operational and governance structures based on the goals of the investors as well as develop exit and termination strategies.
    We work across offices and practice groups to advise clients on related antitrust, employment, finance, intellectual property, technology, real property, trade and other compliance and regulatory matters. No matter the business or legal issue, we help clients overcome challenges to achieve the full benefits of their joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Multinational Divestitures

  • The number of cross-border carve-out transactions has been growing since the global economic crisis forced multinational companies to refocus on core business competencies and dispose of non-strategic product and service lines. Given the pressure that companies continue to face from shareholders and market fluctuations, recent surveys suggest that multinational divestitures are on the rise.
    But separating an integrated & hybrid business division from the rest of a global company across dozens of jurisdictions is complex and difficult. The deal team needs to segregate the target business and present an implementation plan to bidders in a way that instills confidence in the deal. They also need to be able to implement the sale and the separation with certainty and on time.
    Our M&A lawyers have a long track record of helping multinational companies throughout the entire lifecycle of their transactions. We have developed proven techniques that break down the complexities of these deals into a manageable, efficient process covering all of the human resources, legal, finance and tax implications.
    These techniques include auction tactics to push the timetable, best practice templates, global precedents to ensure consistency across jurisdictions, and project managers to oversee the process. No matter the scale of the transaction and the number of jurisdictions, we manage these projects to ensure clients achieve the best value on their disposals.


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