Growing environmental awareness and historic developments like the Paris Agreement are changing the way companies operate. From emissions trading to harnessing clean and renewable energy sources, sustainable business initiatives are gaining ground in markets across the world. At the same time, accountability standards are rising higher and sanctions growing more severe, creating greater repercussions for noncompliance. With many lawyers around the world, our Environmental Practice has a long-standing commitment to helping companies respond to the risks and opportunities of environmental law and regulation. Ranked among the best environmental teams in the world's league tables and directories, our lawyers collaborate on international efforts to promote and uphold sustainable business practices.

Bringing together our more traditional environmental law practice with specialized climate change, carbon markets, and water treatment practices, we take a holistic approach that reflects the way our clients and governments view these issues. Our services include providing expert advice on traditional environmental law and planning matters, as well as clean and renewable energy markets, waste and biodiversity, and related issues in the agricultural, forestry and fishing industries.

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  • 1. Carbon Capture and Storage

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Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage technology provide companies and governments with an opportunity to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions during the transition to a low-carbon economy. Yet policymakers, legislators and project proponents often struggle to make CCS cost-effective, provide incentives for CCS technology development, regulate cross-border carbon dioxide transport, and establish property rights for carbon storage. Our world-leading Climate Change Practice has a long history of helping clients overcome these challenges, counseling national and state governments legislative and policy development, technologies and projects. Through our work on these projects, we've developed relationships with funders.

We regularly work with national and regional competition regulators and represent clients before competition tribunals and courts, including the European Commission. Many of our lawyers are former regulators, providing valuable insight to our clients. 

Climate Law & Finance

  • As governments and industry take steps towards regulating greenhouse gas emissions to meet their obligations under the Paris Agreement, we continue to help clients to balance the risks and opportunities climate change presents to their businesses. Our dedicated team of lawyers has worked on many pioneering deals, including writing the first carbon contracts, setting up the first carbon funds and advising on the first structured carbon derivative transactions. As the adviser of choice to governments, financial institutions and global organizations including the World Bank and United Nations, we combine our capabilities in securities, finance, tax, M&A and public law to execute effective carbon transactions.

Environmental Advisory

  • Our environmental advisers counsel businesses on environmental, health and safety requirements and handle contamination cases. We advise on implementing government programs and assist companies with formulating environmental management systems and policies. We also provide guidance on corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues.

Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

  • With more than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies now having targets relating to renewable energy procurement, energy efficiency or cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, it’s clear there is a real appetite for going green within the business world. Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are set to be one of the most popular methods for meeting these targets. This market is growing significantly, as corporations enter these agreements due to increasing economic and environmental pressures. These structures are relatively new and complex with unique risks. Financing renewable energy projects with corporate PPAs is more challenging than financing projects with standard utility PPAs due to the often lower credit ratings of corporates, corporates' more frequent fluctuations in power demand, collateral allocation and other issues. We help companies with every aspect of their PPAs as they target new renewable energy projects.


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