Digital Signature

DSC or Digital Signature is a physical signature in an electronic format.Digital Signatures are used in India for online transactions such as Filing Annual Return, Company or LLP Incorporation, Income Tax E-Filing, E-Tenders, etc. There are 3 types of Digital Signatures, Class I, Class II and Class III Digital Signatures.Class I Digital Signature is used for securing email communications.Class II digital signature is utilized for company registrations, IT Return E-filing, Obtaining DIN, DPIN etc. Class III digital signature registration is used for E-tendering and participating in E-Auctions. Digital Signature (DSC) is done by The Legal Bank.

What is included in Our Digital Signature(DSC) Package

  • 1. Application Processing

  • 2. Same Day Processing

  • 3. USB Token

DSC Procedure

  • 1. Complete our Simple Form

  • You are supposed to fill your details in our simple questionnaire and submit documents.

  • 2. Submission of Documents

  • We will create all your required documents and file them with the authorized agency on your behalf.


  • 3. DSC and Token sent to you

  • Your Digital Signature will be sent to a USB and Token through courier at your address.


  • 4. Your work is now completed

  • If you need further assistance regarding any other services, we will be happy to help.

Documents Required For DSC

  • 1. Passport size photograph

  • 2. PAN card copy

  • 3. Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter Identity Card

Why DSc

  • 1. Validity-Digital Signatures usually comes with a validity of one or two years and they can be easily renewed once validity expires.

  • 2. E-token-Digital signature certificate is stored on a secure USB Flash Drive called E-Token.

  • 3. Quick Processing-One can get DSC in very quick time of 1-3 days from the date of submitting the application along with required documents.

  • 4. Class II Digital Signatures-It is used for company, LLP registrations, IT Return E-filing etc.

  • 5. Class III Digital Signatures-It is used mainly for E-Tendering and Participation in E-Auctions.


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