Introduction: Credit Score Check [CIBIL]

  • India has three credit rating agencies namely CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd), Equifax India and Experian India. These rating agencies regularly collect information from creditors, lenders, utilities and other debt collectors to process the data into a readable and usable form and provide credit information reports on individual consumers for lenders. These credit reports play a critical role in the loan application process. Therefore it's important to know and monitor your credit score on a regular basis to check for any inaccuracies.

  • Credit reports contain information like name, age, address, list of credit facilities, repayment track record and a credit score. This information helps lenders assess the credit worthiness of their borrowers and their ability to pay back a loan if granted. If the credit score is low, the lender may not even consider the application further. If the credit score is high, the lender will consider other details to determine if the applicant is credit-worthy. The Legal Bank can help you obtain your credit information report from all three credit rating agencies in India and provide advisory services for improving your credit score.

Reasons to Credit Score Check [CIBIL]

  • 1. Credit Report

  • A credit report is a report prepared by a Credit Rating Agency, which contains information relating to the credit worthiness and repayment track record of an individual.

  • 2. Credit Score

  • Credit Rating Agencies uses a number of factors to arrive at the Credit Score which represents the individuals' credit worthiness. Higher credit score implies better credit worthiness.

  • 3. The Legal Bank Can Help

  • The Legal Bank will first help obtain your Credit Report from all three rating agencies in India. Based a review of those reports, our Financial Professionals will provide you with advice and steps to improve your credit score.

  • 4. Rating Agencies

  • Credit Rating Agencies are companies that provide information about an individual's creditworthiness. India has three credit rating agencies namely CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd), Equifax India and Experian India.

  • 5. Credit Report Information

  • Credit Report's contain information like name of the individual, age, addresses, list of credit facilities availed, repayment record and credit score.

How we help with credit score verification

  • 1. Requesting Credit Report

  • The Legal Bank will apply on your behalf to the three credit rating agencies in India, requesting a copy of your Credit Report. The application will be made along with the necessary supporting documents.

  • 2. Credit Report Review

  • Once you have received a copy of the credit report from the rating agencies, The Legal Bank Expert will help you understand the Credit Report and provide advice on improving your Credit Score.

  • 3. Rating Dispute

  • In case you notice any incorrect information on your Credit Report, The Legal Bank Expert will help you raise a request with the Rating Agency for review and removal of incorrect information.

  • You can become our partner for excellent results in your personal and firm CIBIL or credit score for excellence financial status. Thelegalank is working in Jaipur, Dehli, Mumbai, Bangaluru, India, France, Asia Pacific and all over the world.


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