• 1. Choosing a discretionary mandate means you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day decision making on your investments.

  • 2. A discretionary mandate authorizes us to manage your investments on your behalf, according to your investment objectives.

  • It’s the ideal arrangement if you are too busy to monitor your portfolio due to your other commitments or would rather have an experienced investment professional deal with your affairs.

  • Your Benefits

  • The investment profile selected by you forms the basis for all investment decisions

  • 1. A team of proven experts is committed to implementing your investment objectives

  • 2. You can use the time saved to pursue your personal and professional interests

  • 3. Diversification amongst and within asset classes and constant monitoring ensures that your portfolio is less susceptible to financial market fluctuations

  • 4. Clear reports keep you up to date on the development of your portfolio at all times

  • Flexibility is the key – There are no “lock-ins” or hidden clauses. A discretionary mandate can be set up and canceled at any time

  • You can become our partner for excellent results in discretionary mandates. Thelegalank is working in Jaipur, Dehli, Mumbai, Bangaluru, India, France, Asia Pacific and all over the world.


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