• An advisory service means working together to achieve the best outcome for your wealth. It is the quality of our advice that differentiates us from others. Structure, Clarity and Consistency are important factors that ultimately help achieve your objectives. Defining your objectives and needs is the key to success when it comes to financial matters. The starting point is your current financial situation. This is why a personal consultation with your advisor is central to our advisory process.

  • We work with you through a structured advisory process to:

  • 1. Get a complete understanding of your needs and goals

  • 2. Develop a tailor-made strategy to help you achieve your objectives

  • 3. It is a partnership built on active engagement and constant communication.

  • As a client-focused advisor, you need a full range of solutions that you can recommend to clients. We provide access to a wide range of financial products and services either from our proprietary product suite or through our partners to enable you to deliver customized solutions

What is Asset Allocation

  • Asset allocation is essentially an investment strategy to stabilize risks and returns by choosing investment instruments according to your financial goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. Asset classes have different levels of risk and return variability. Each asset class may perform differently over time. Successful asset allocation requires finding the proper mix of assets to balance reward with an acceptable level of risk.

  • Review & Scientifically Re-Balance your portfolio, consult The Legal Bank now!!!!

  • The Legal Bank can offer a personalized consultation to you, helping you clearly define your goals and develop a tailored life stage plan. With ongoing advice, guidance and customized recommendations, The Legal Bankcan helps you address your short-and long-term financial needs.

Why Engage an Advisor

  • The Legal Bank has evolved from a simple and limited role to a well-structured decision-making process. It does not only include a one-time investment in a specific equity but it has a wide range of choices according to different needs of investors, there are a number of decisions for an investor to gain the desired returns.

  • “If you are looking for an advisor, look for someone with a heart of a teacher”, with this belief The Legal Bank provides you a dedicated team of advisors who not only understands your needs but also provides you with investment solution to reach your financial goals. A time to time guidance about your investment options will enable you to make informed decisions.

  • Services our advisors renders:

  • 1. Understanding the financial needs and goals.

  • 2. Providing alternative investment products and services.

  • 3. Constantly monitoring the investment portfolios.

  • 4. Suggesting changes required in the portfolio.

  • 5. Assessing the risk and return of the investment holdings.

  • 6. Process the investment transactions.


  • Our comprehensive, step-by-step Long-term Wealth Creation focused approach ensures that we assist you in planning for all your financial dreams in a focused scientific way for both short term and long term time horizon keeping cognizance of your risk appetite, time horizon and suitable product recommendations.

  • Most of us dream of a financially secured and independent life post-retirement. After all the years of hard work, we wish that our life-long savings help us meet our expenses and aspirations without compromising our lifestyle. But it is easier said than done!!

  • Today, with constant price rises and inflation beyond control, increasing health care costs, ultra-modern life-style and higher life expectancy, our savings can come under severe stress and may prove insufficient for the rest of the retired life. So, not just before retirement, we want our hard earned money to work for us even after retirement. Besides, forecasting macroeconomic factors such as inflation, rates of return on specified asset classes and future trends in expenditure, is a complex and specialized process.

  • The Legal Bank, make it simple for you through a personalized, comprehensive yet actionable plan that endeavors to provide the most optimized post-tax return to meet your needs, goals and aspirations in a systematic planned approach with a detailed plan. At the same time, we ensure that all personal & financial risks are also sufficiently addressed!

Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning is a well-structured and organized process for achieving your financial goals. It’s about creating a path from the present situation to your goals.

  • It is only through a comprehensive analysis that your exact plan can be prepared for achieving the goals in a time frame. Hence, at The Legal Bankour financial advisory team is committed to making the investment process simple and easy to understand for all our investors. With all the specific components included in the financial planning, the goal is to achieve your financial goal in a specified time frame.

  • Our core advisory practices fall under 7 areas:

  • 1. Family Office

  • 2. Private Wealth Management

  • 3. Estate Planning

  • 4. Wealth Protection

  • 5. Real Estate Advisory

  • 6. Financing

  • 7. Loan and Private Transaction

Investor Profiling

  • When a wealth plan is made, the first step is to assess your capacity for undertaking financial risk. The capacity for risk depends on your responsibilities, objectives, personality and many other variables. In order to have a better understanding a risk profile is made, which analyzes an individual’s ability to assume financial risk as part of his/her investment portfolio. The profile has two components – risk appetite and risk tolerance. Risk Appetite is the amount of risk one is willing to take, while Risk Tolerance is the amount of risk your finances can handle. Your risk tolerance and appetite determine your asset allocation and drive the need to revisit your financial strategy from time to time. Deciding how much risk is good and how much is bad depends primarily on your impending responsibilities and feasibility of lifestyle. It is gauged by factors such as demographics (age and life stage) and socio-economic profile attributes (habits and lifestyle).

  • Through investor profiling, our team is able to determine:

  • 1. Propensity:

  • This takes into account the historical financial decisions taken by the client.

  • 2. Attitude:

  • This determines the client’s willingness to take the risk. In this section, the client’s reactions to various risk-return situations are evaluated.

  • 3. Capacity:

  • This measures the financial constraints of the client or in other words the client’s financial ability to take the risk.

  • The Legal Bankprimarily determines the risk-taking ability of the investor, through the financial decisions made by the investor in the past and through his reactions to risk-return trade-offs. We have developed a comprehensive yet simple questionnaire-based investor profiling model. The model assesses clients on their investment propensity, attitude, and capacity. The clients have explained the significance of each of the questions and their responses are scored to arrive at a final risk score. The final risk score, when combined with the investment horizon of the investor, helps in determining asset allocation for the investor and plan a suitable strategy accordingly.


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