• Estate planning is the process of arranging and planning your succession and financial affairs. Estate planning services ensure the management of your estate during and beyond your lifetime and plan your legacy. Basically, it is the act of preparing for the transfer of a person’s wealth and assets after his or her death. Assets, Life Insurance, Pensions, Real Estate, Cars, Personal Belongings, and Debts are all part of one’s estate. Estate plans must be written, signed, and notarized by the person who owns the estate.

  • We have a specialized and dedicated in-house team to help our clients tailor a structure to articulate and implement their vision for succession and continuity of the family wealth during their lifetime. Our in-depth experience in continuity of family wealth helps us to visualize the specific needs of each clients’ family.


  • The primary goal of Estate Planning is ensuring that the estate of the individual passes to the Estate owner’s intended beneficiaries, often including efficient succession planning and avoiding or minimizing court proceedings in succession matters.

  • Estate Planning helps you ensure the following:

  • 1. Planning for harmonious succession and disposition of your estate

  • 2. Protection of your estate with your family’s needs in mind

  • 3. Effective management of your estate during and beyond your lifetime

  • 4. Preparing your Estate for unforeseen eventualities

  • Without an appropriate estate plan, friends and relatives can spend a lifetime (and their life savings) battling over your assets. An ill-planned succession risks negative financial consequences for the family fortune and leads to unnecessary stress and conflict among family members. Therefore, it is necessary to have an estate plan in place to prevent any issues in the future, and Indian Wealth Management can guide you throughout the process.


  • When planning your Estate for preservation, management and succession various roles need to be considered to carry out the necessary activities. Will is a legal declaration of a person’s intention with respect to his property which he desires to be carried into effect only after his death. Trust provides for management of the estate during a person’s lifetime and also provides for distribution and management of wealth post-demise. There are various documents involved such as living trust, power of attorney and charitable trust.

  • At Indian Wealth Management, we understand that Estate Planning is all about taking care of the complications involved during unfortunate times. The role of a financial planner becomes all the more crucial when it comes to drawing mutually agreeable solution and finding the right estate planning with documents that are legally enforceable. We offer the following estate planning services:

  • 1. Advisory

  • Advise on the structuring of an Estate Plan for the benefit of future generations and management and administration of the Estate during and post life.

  • 2. Drafting and Execution

  • Facilitating drafting of Wills, Trust Deeds and ancillary documents tailored to specific family needs.

  • 3. Trusteeship

  • Acting as a Corporate Trustee for administration and distribution of the Estate.

  • 4. Executorships

  • Acting as an Executor for the administration of the Estate on the death of the Settler.

  • 5. Safe Custody

  • Providing safe custody for all the movable assets viz. jewellery, paintings, etc. and title documents of various properties.


  • Taking care of your family has always been the No. 1 priority in your life, and that isn’t going to change. The best way to make sure they are taken care of after you pass is to establish an estate plan. Through this process, our clients are able to benefit:

  • 1. Your property goes to the right beneficiaries

  • 2. A smooth transition of your assets

  • 3. Ease the burden of your family, preventing any conflicts in the future

  • 4. Minimize taxes, court costs and other related legal expenditure

  • 5. Naming a guardian for your loved ones

  • 6. Help for your immediate family and fulfill the needs for your family’s survival after your death

  • 7. Plan your business succession

  • 8. Designate who will manage your estate in the future

  • 9. Provides a peace of mind to our clients

  • You can become our partner for excellent estate planning. Thelegalank is working in Jaipur, Dehli, Mumbai, Bangaluru, India, France, Asia Pacific and all over the world.


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