Financial Statement Audit

As per many Acts in India, Audit of Financial Statements is one of the most important compliances. A whole outlook of the company and its management, even the valuation depends upon Audited Financial Statements.

  • 1. Internal control analysis.

  • 2. Reporting weaknesses in the internal controls.

  • 3. Suggestion and consulting on transactions of complex nature.

  • 4. Drafting Audit policy according to clients’ structure and legal set-up.

  • 5. Measuring the effect of International and Indian Standards on Auditing.

  • 6. Analyzing applicable compliances according to corporate and taxation regulations.

  • 7. Appropriate documentation.

  • 8. Filings of Financial Statements to various Government offices after the audit.

  • 9. Assisting Audit committees.

  • 10. Updates required from point of view of regulations.

  • 11. Advising on IFRS and its applications and International Standards on Auditing.

  • 12. IFRS Consultancy and convergence.


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