Audit Training

Everyone has a role in energy management. Effective programs make employees, managers, and other key stakeholders aware of energy performance goals and initiatives, as well as their responsibility in carrying out the program. Communications strategies and materials for raising awareness of energy use, goals and impacts should be tailored to the needs of the intended audience.

  • To raise awareness, consider doing the following:

  • 1. Increase general energy awareness

  • 2. Improve facility energy awareness

  • 3. Gain management support

Individuals working in or even managing a facility may have little understanding of the energy performance of the facility or its impact on the organization and environment. Targeted efforts designed to increase awareness of facility energy use can help build support for energy management programs.

Most people do not know how the energy they use is generated. Providing information on the sources of energy used at your facility along with the associated pollution that results from its use could increase awareness of the environmental aspects of energy use.

Inventum Power aims to provide information on the energy performance of equipment or processes that employees regularly use as part of their jobs. Frequently, managers who are not directly involved in energy management are not aware of how energy use affects the organization. Increasing the awareness of managers can help to build support for energy management initiatives. Using training to help staff understand the importance of energy performance provides the information necessary to make informed decisions. Training also provides an excellent opportunity for gathering employee feedback and evaluations.

  1. The Legal Bank Power offers training on various subjects:

  2. 1. Energy and environment management

  3. 2. Electrical & Thermal Safety

  4. 3. Occupational Health & Safety Assessment

  5. 4. Green Factory Rating

  6. 5. O & M rating based on IGBC

  7. 6. Basic HVAC & Refrigeration

  8. 7. Energy Audit & Energy Conservation

  9. 8. Power Quality Assessment

Comprehensive Energy Audit

  • 1. Energy Audit of Industrial, Commercial and Residential

  • Energy Audit is the key to a systematic approach to decision-making in the area of energy management. It attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its use and serves to identify all the energy streams in a facility. It quantifies energy usage according to its discrete functions.

    As per the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, Energy Audit is defined as “the verification, monitoring, and analysis of the use of energy including submission of a technical report containing recommendations for improving energy efficiency with cost-benefit analysis and an action plan to reduce energy consumption”.

    In general, Energy Audit is the translation of conservation ideas into realities, by lending technically feasible solutions with economic and other organizational considerations within a specified time frame.

    The energy audit is sometimes called an energy survey or an energy analysis so that it is not confused with a financial audit. The energy audit is a positive experience with significant benefits to the facility. The term “audit” should be avoided if it clearly produces a negative image in the mind of a particular business, organization, or individual.

  • 2. General areas of Energy Audit by The Legal Bank Power Audit

  • Transformers, HT/LT Panels, Earthing, Electrical Distribution Networks, Distribution Boards, Major equipments, DGs/UPSs, Lightings, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Cables/Ducts/Shafts, Thermal systems like Boiler/Furnace/Ovens, Insulation, Compressors/Motors/Pumps, UPS/Battery/Capacitor banks, Noise/Air Quality, Access Control, Best Maintenance & Monitor Practice.

  • 3. Comprehensive Energy audit by The Legal Bank power

  • The Legal Bank, a team of highly qualified energy professionals aims to target various sectors of energy domain and help the country in its sustainable development. We specialize in creating a custom plan to achieve your goals. We then execute that plan to the highest quality standards and provide support for your system with long warranties.

    The Legal Bank POWER consists of BEE Certified Accredited energy auditors, BEE Certified Energy Auditors, BEE Certified Energy Manager, Industrial experts (HZL, SAIL, BHEL....) and young dynamic Energy professionals. With its rich profile of experts, we guarantee to provide you best solutions related to energy audit consultancy. carrying out electrical safety audit.


Electrical Safety Audit has become crucial to the proper maintenance of the facility. In addition, rising fuel costs coupled with increased global competition is forcing industries/buildings and other facilities to slash energy costs. Electrical Safety Audit is conducted to investigate if complaints and concerns by workers regarding electrical safety are substantiated and if there are other electrical safety or general safety hazards at the facility that should be addressed. The audit focuses on current electrical safety conditions and selected other safety measures for the facility.

  • Objective

  • 1. To present the current status of the facility before the top management, such that better monitoring is possible in future.

  • 2. Diagnose Various on-going losses in the facility

  • 3. Recommend Measures for Improvement and Electrical Safety.

Electrical safety Audit helps you avoid fire Tragedies

Fire tragedies are not new in India. The country has witnessed several devastating fires that have claimed hundreds of innocent lives and damaged property worth billions. The fire also results in the loss of business, of goodwill and effects environment severely. Damages in industrial/building/office fires, for instance, is unlimited where the fire occurs, but also affects other adjacent facilities around it.

From 2002 through 2014, there were 3,378 workers who died from on-the-job electrical injuries 4.7% of all occupational deaths. That’s almost one death per day. Electricity the fourth leading cause of injury-related occupational death.

  • 1. Contact with overhead power lines was the most common cause of electrocutions, resulting in 42% of all on-the-job electrical deaths.

  • 2. The second most common cause of electrocutions was a failure to properly de-energize electrical equipment prior to commencing work

  • 3. The third most common cause was contact with electrical components mistakenly thought to be de-energized due to a mistake in wiring or re-wiring, or misidentified wiring.


Thelagalbank is deal in power management that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, reliably, safely and sustainably.

Carrying out ASHRAE Level- II energy audit in respect of electrical network including power quality audit with emphasis on harmonics.

Use of highly efficient power analyzer to determine harmonics at various levels.


  • The issue of poor power quality is one that goes largely unnoticed. The symptomatic consequences of poor power quality issues are often attributed incorrectly to other causes. For example, process control equipment regularly freezing is often blamed on poor software, whereas in reality voltage transients may be causing the digital hardware to malfunction.

    Power Quality issues can take many forms; harmonics, voltage sags/swells, flicker & transients etc. Often the cost of power quality mitigation is small compared to the costs associated with the problem itself.

  • Poor Power Quality effect in your Electrical Network:

  • 1. Poor power quality can damage sensitive equipment.

    2. Poor power quality can lower productivity and also drive up energy costs.

    3. Poor power quality can cause increased expenditure on electrical assets when a plant or building expansion is necessary.

    4. Poor power quality can impair the safety of electrical installations.

  • Poor power quality is caused by:

  • 1. Harmonic distortion and voltage fluctuations.

    2. Low power factor—this can increase electricity costs through maximum demand charges.

    3. Power electronic loads (variable speed drives, welders, CNC machines, etc).

    4. Inadequate wiring plan, and undersized circuits

  • Inventum power provides expert advice and consulting in the following specific areas:

  • 1. Investigation and resolution of power quality problems

    2. Power quality monitoring for compliance with standards and regulations including harmonic and flicker studies

    3. Harmonic and flicker allocation and planning level studies

    4. Voltage sag studies

    5. Interpretation and implementation of power quality standards

    6. Routine power quality monitoring

    7. Power quality data compression, analysis, and reporting

    8. General power monitoring

    9. Equipment power quality immunity testing to national and international standards

Thermography Services

The Legal Bank Power identifying and rectifying equipment issues before they become problems is a critical part of averting loss and maintaining uninterrupted service. Routine inspections and preventive maintenance can reduce failures, but they cannot reliably identify trouble spots.

  • More than meets the eye

  • An infrared survey can help keep small issues from becoming disasters. Repairing a loose connection– easily found with a thermographic scan – might cost only some rupees. If undetected, that same connection could result in a fire. That might mean injury, loss of life or damage that makes the whole building unfit for occupancy and shuts your business down.Thermographic scans are a wise investment. Industry sources show that the monetary savings they produce can be 20 times as much as the initial cost of the survey. This does not include the potential losses due to damage associated with fire

  • How Infrared Thermography works

  • All electrical and mechanical equipment radiates heat. Infrared video cameras that are sensitive to this thermal radiation, detect and measure the temperature differences between surfaces. The cameras then convert the information and display it as an image visible to the human eye, allowing us to “see” a heat signature.

  • Abnormal or unexpected thermal patterns typically indicate a problem with the equipment, including conditions such as:

  • 1. Loose electrical connections

  • 2. Overloaded circuits or phases

  • 3. Deteriorated or damaged insulation

  • 4. Bearing failure

  • 5. Insufficient lubrication

  • 6. Steam Leaks

  • Benefits of an Infrared Thermography

  • 1. Schedule Repairs When Needed Ahead Of Costly Breakdowns

  • 2. Prevent Catastrophic Failures

  • 3. Predictive Maintenance Program

  • 4. Raise Machine Reliability-Uptime

  • 5. Reduce Preventable Failures

  • 6. Utilize Maintenance Dollars Elsewhere

  • 7. Save Energy

  • 8. Save Money-Expand The Bottom Line

  • 9. Transform Your Maintenance Program From Reactive To Preventive

Water Audit

Water auditing by qualified technicians is an essential part of any water management strategy and our technicians are the best in the business. Proving their excellence time and time again our teams deliver where others have failed; whether locating an elusive leak or providing a resolution to a problem others have deemed unfathomable.

A water audit provides you with a full understanding of where and how water is used and discharged from your property. A comprehensive log of all water point and facilities is uploaded to our Waterline system proving water consumption patterns. Once that is understood we provide you with the knowledge and capability to minimize both your costs and consumption and maximize the natural resource wherever possible.

We will address any aspects of overcharging applied by your supplier, proving the opportunities identified through a historical audit. The audit will validate all charges levied by assessing the meter capacity and accuracy, testing the integrity of your supply, understanding your consumption and assessing your drainage and trade effluent discharge. Where a problem is found a solution will be given.

Where there is excessive consumption whether through shared supply, leakage or internal inefficiencies a job will be raised to negotiate a separation, undertake leak detection or remedy the faulty equipment. In many cases, action can be taken immediately. If there is no problem you may wish simply to enhance your current water usage through water recycling or rainwater harvesting, our teams can provide you with a business case to do that.

Auditing is a pro-active part of our business which provides you with detailed available data through Waterline, which can be enhanced through AMR deployment, granting you control over all aspects of your sites water management from wherever you are located.


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