• A family’s wealth usually has a significant portion allocated to real estate assets making it an integral component to be considered in order to be able to provide comprehensive wealth management services. There are also real estate funds, which are investment vehicles that are used by investors to invest in real estate projects and/or real estate-linked securities. Some real estate funds invest in bonds/instruments secured by property instead of actually owning property as it involves risk due to volatility in property prices.

  • Indian Wealth Management provides a full range of services, in regards to any real estate solutions across residential, commercial and retail space matters. We aim to give unparalleled service, unbiased advice in helping you make the right investment decisions. Our primary focus is on maximizing returns based on our client's requirements, budgets, location etc. which make us stand out from the rest. In order to do so, we do a rigorous evaluation of builders and projects and promote projects by professional and reputed builders who are focused on timely deliveries and provide quality and reliable estates to our clients.


  • At Indian Wealth Management, we empower you to make the right decision in your property investments. We support you through a selection of locality, finalizing the property and closing the deal. As part of the whole process, we help select and compare from various available options. We also assist in the financing of the property through various financial intermediaries.

  • The advantage of directly investing in property is that it gives you greater control over your investment. We can help you invest in the following types of property:

  • 1. Residential Property

  • There are three kinds of investments: Pre- Launch, Under Constructions, and Ready to Move estates.

  • 2. Structured Transactions

  • Here we offer lucrative investment options to our clients. Deals range over a period ranging from 1 to 3 years. We get the best deals available in the market and we offer the same to our clients.

  • 3. Commercial

  • We directly deal with the developers for all kind of outright and pre-leased properties. We offer the best due diligence, a wide range of locations, and get the best possible pricing for clients. We deal in both under construction and ready-to-use

  • 4. Land/Plot

  • We also provide land and plot purchase for your investment purposes.


A pre-leased property is one in which the property is already been given on rent and has been put for sale. So the moment you buy the property, you start rental returns from the company leasing the property. Pre-leased Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is increasingly becoming one of the attractive investment opportunities as it generates income from day one.


  • We use a combination of in-depth market knowledge, industry expertise, and experience to provide exclusive real estate investment and advisory services to our clients. A division of our team into commercial and residential real estate verticals allows us to tailor our services to suit the clients’ specific requirements.

  • We optimize and effectively manage a client’s real estate portfolio by achieving the right mix of investments. Comprehensive understanding, due diligence, advisory & execution approach allows our team to add value and differentiate themselves from the usual short-term transaction-driven approach. With substantial knowledge and experience in buying or selling of real estate, we offer invaluable assistance and expertise in buying or selling real estate to individuals, real estate developers, landlords etc. We have been handling a seamlessly full spectrum of real estate projects and are aware of the most competitive cost and fees involved in a transaction. Thus, providing innovative solutions in a practical, constructive, beneficial, business-oriented manner and ensuring our client is given the best possible prices. Our real estate services include:

  • 1. Identification of buyer/seller

  • 2. Identification of a suitable property as per the requirements of a client

  • 3. Establishing title to the property

  • 4. Ensuring all documents are properly executed and delivered

  • 5. Preparing & evaluating all of the documents necessary to complete a transaction efficiently & correctly

  • 6. Negotiating, drafting and reviewing sale and purchase agreements

  • 7. A thorough physical inspection of the property in order to negotiate a better purchase price

  • 8. Transfer of Land & Property

  • 9. Partition of Land & Property

  • 10. Renting out

  • 11. Caretaking

  • 12. Legal and Government formalities

  • 13. Payment of utility bills

  • 14. Home Insurance


  • DO

  • 1. Get pre-approved for loans to confirm the rate and your ability to pay back.

  • 2. Choose a realtor carefully

  • 3. Check the legal documents and other related information

  • 4. Pick suitable location

  • 5. Make a reasonable offer for the property

  • 6. Do a background research before acquiring the estate

  • 7. Understand your financial status and needs, before finalizing a budget

  • DON’T

  • 1. Don’t wait for the market prices to fall, as there is no right time to invest

  • 2. Don’t exceed your budget, be realistic

  • 3. Don’t buy an estate without inspection

  • 4. Don’t buy more properties than you really want

  • 5. Don’t ever buy a property without title insurance.

  • You can become our partner for excellent results in your firm for better real estate services. Thelegalank is working in Jaipur, Dehli, Mumbai, Bangaluru, India, France, Asia Pacific and all over the world.


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