• The Legal Bank understands the customers and their priorities very well and hence provides them with the administrative services for all of their banking and financial paperwork. This will enable our clients to focus more on their important business tasks and not spend their precious time on handling the paperwork.

  • The services are very helpful if you are:

  • 1. A senior citizen

  • who wants to maintain independence and stop worrying about paper works

  • 2. A busy professional

  • who want to focus more on the day-to-day tasks rather than worry about papers, bills, emails, and other administrative tasks

  • 3. A caregiver

  • who is trying to help a family member and stay organized

  • 4. A big family

  • where it is difficult to stay organized for taking care of all the documents and paperwork

  • 5. A student

  • who is busy in the studies and can’t give enough time to the administrative work

Taxation Services

  • At The Legal Bank, we provide you the best in-class taxation services through our channel partners who are Chartered Accountants, CFP, CFA, Attorney, Company Secretaries, Retired Senior and Experienced Bureaucrats, Industry Experts across the Globe.

  • Our practice and service discussed are driven by the aim of establishing long-term relationships with our clients. Our professionals discuss the queries and doubts of the clients and find the best possible and most advantageous solution.

  • Our services include

  • 1. Direct Tax Consultancy Services

  • 2. International tax planning services

  • 3. Transfer Pricing

  • 4. Service Tax

  • 5. Accounting and Auditing Services

  • You can become our partner for excellent results in administrative services. Thelegalank is working in Jaipur, Dehli, Mumbai, Bangaluru, India, France, Asia Pacific and all over the world.


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